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ERP for Healthcare

From hospitals and clinics to homes for the resigned and disabled, social insurance foundations need to ceaselessly enhance the nature of their consideration while intently checking costing and gainfulness. This can be a remarkable test, so it is vital to streamlining your business procedures to raise profitability and cut expenses.

Regardless of whether your association works in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, or restorative gadgets, Tectura conveys a solitary start to finish arrangement intended to enhance your business execution, agree to controls and fuel development. From a start-up to a develop multi-site producer, your association can expand upon, and advantage from, a coordinated arrangement that develops with you.

With the right ERP innovation you can:

Empower part recognizability Optimize quality administration

Guarantee administrative consistence

Abbreviate time-to-showcase

Control working expenses

Web Services

In some cases, we’ve found that standards didn’t exist, weren’t sufficient, or were too complicated technically for our customers’ use cases. In those cases, we’ve developed custom web services to serve those needs. Beyond the commonly used web services listed below, check out our full list of Epic Web Services we offer.

Patient Identifier

This Web service is used to prompt the Tetrad EMR to assign a patient identifier to a patient record in Tetrad. Alternatively, the external system can provide the MRN to be assigned.

Create Patient

This Web service is used to create a pending patient record in the Tetrad EMR. The calling system should first determine that the patient record does not exist using the Patient Lookup API. The external system supplies the department, an identifier (such as a Social Security number), and demographics about the patient including the name, date of birth, gender, marital status, race, religion, and addresses. The response from the EMR includes an identifier for the newly created patient record. We’ll provide you with the specs for this interface at the time we’ve identified a mutual customer.

Patient Lookup

This Web service is called by an external system to find a patient record in the Tetrad EMR. The external system provides the patient name, an identifier, and certain identifying information such as the Social Security number, date of birth, sex, and any location restrictions. If a unique match can be found, the EMR responds with the matching patient’s demographics, including name, Social Security number, date of birth, sex, marital status, addresses, emergency contacts, employment information, and care providers. We’ll provide you with the specs for this interface at the time we’ve identified a mutual customer.

Enterprise Image Access

This web integration API provides the ability to generate dynamic, secure, contextual links used to launch the appropriate context in an enterprise image viewer. You can email us to receive a simple testing harness that will help you validate that your web application can be successfully embedded.

Pharmacy Point of Sale System

This set of Web services are used to integrate Tetrad outpatient pharmacy software with a point of sale system. This integration links the fill status of the prescription to the sale status communicated by the point of sale system.