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Regardless industry your organization is important for, supportable business achievement mostly boils down to two elements: inventive soul and quality. The two elements are progressively associated with digitization. Either in light of the fact that items and administrations make the most of the chances presented by new advances or in light of the fact that organizations utilize computerized innovations to improve their administration quality, speed up measures or ease workers from complex managerial exercises. Advanced advances change the general public and the business sectors where organizations work. Actual items, computerized offers and exemplary administrations progressively converge into new, joined “savvy administrations”, which mean a critical added an incentive for their clients. The individuals who need to meet the expanding market prerequisites should accordingly be situated carefully themselves.

Business measures are presently upheld by an assortment of advanced instruments, e.g., for communication, monetary administration, client relations or coordination. Meanwhile, there is not really a region that doesn’t profit from extraordinary programming arrangements. It is urgent that the singular frameworks are impeccably coordinated to each other to guarantee astute, setting related admittance to all applicable data. For this reason, TETRAD furnishes you with proficient programming arrangements carefully supporting all spaces of your organization. Our answers depend on the most recent Microsoft advancements and element thorough industry capacities. They cover regions like ERP, CRM, project management, Business Intelligence, knowledge and report the executives, and are flawlessly interconnected in like manner measures. This makes an incorporated, future-evidence advanced biological system for all parts of your business.

Digitization is particularly about reevaluating cycles and making them simpler and more effective utilizing new advancements. The progress inside organizations changes working models and how organizations are seen. Computerized ventures are presently not a dream for TETRAD: With our answers, we connect all spaces of your organization and hence make the framework for imaginative ideas like the Internet of Things (IoT). You can exploit continuous data in regards to all areas of your worth chain – regardless of whether you center around creation, exchange or administration.

The digitization is now going full speed ahead in many organizations. Notwithstanding, the question of-factness with which current business programming is utilized is once in a while interestingly, with the impressive time and exertion required for arrangement. Fortunately, there is a straightforward, solid and safe idea to advance the digitization: In the cloud, you can carry out your thoughts without considering foundation, equipment, servers or information base frameworks. Consequently, you can move our answers to some extent or totally to the cloud – similarly as it accommodates your business best. This implies that you discharge significant business assets and save the work needed for execution, upkeep, adjusting and activity of your organization’s IT. Zero in on your center business and pass on the rest to us.

Most organizations work with various IT frameworks while there is regularly an absence of comprehensive data the executives. Regularly, the singular frameworks work independently – without direct reference to the setting in which they are utilized. Present day advances ought to, notwithstanding, give significant data, yet in addition effectively support association and functional cycles – regardless of whether in the workplace or out and about. With our answers, the possibility of the advanced work environment becomes reality. Programming by TETRAD

  • Advances collaboration in the organization
  • Upholds measure computerization and
  • Assists you with exploiting existing information all through the organization.


This transforms each and every work environment into a core of your computerized business – and upholds representatives with regards to their separate jobs in the most ideal manner.

The total mix of Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft SharePoint or Skype for Business into the ERP climate of Microsoft Dynamics ERP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM creates a cutting edge, advanced work environment from a solitary source. Indeed, even current IoT (Internet of Things) applications can be consistently incorporated utilizing the Microsoft IoT center. For assessment and examination of the information, incredible Business Intelligence programming arrangements such as Microsoft Power BI or  Qlik Sense are accessible. They will assist you with settling on the ideal choices for your organization. The knowledge of Microsoft Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics helps with substantial suggestions dependent on experience, estimates and complex calculations.

Present day programming is intended to work with every day work and further develop administration quality. That is the reason our adage is “Business programming for individuals”. It is the core of TETRAD‘s corporate way of thinking. As far as we might be concerned, it is about an equivalent organization with our clients. An association with a drawn out direction and based on close and confiding in participation. With our total arrangements, we empower your representatives to work all the more gainfully, accomplish more and conquer future difficulties.

TETRAD has numerous long periods of involvement in CRM arrangements in different enterprises. Our offers depend on a reasonable strategy, point by point information on the particular business measures and great item skill. Our specialists will be glad to prompt you on the remarkable chances coming about because of the utilization of present day programming innovations. Call us or send us an email. We anticipate talking about with you how your organization, as well, can join the computerized period.