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The development business is confronting significant worldwide difficulties. It is encountering a detectable decrease in the speculation of public development in the created markets. Segment change is prompting a deficiency of gifted skilled workers and architects, globalization and expanding rivalry from Asian providers put squeeze on costs. Simultaneously, segment change and related worldwide patterns, for example, urbanization additionally offer incredible freedoms for the development business on the off chance that it can exploit the significant issues of things to come, like reasonable development and rising interest in creating and arising nations. It is fundamental to grow the customary center spaces of plan and development with components like financing, showcasing and administration. It will likewise be definitive how participation between material providers, organizers, modelers and financial backers can be upheld with savvy ideas and arrangements. The dynamic digitization in all everyday issues is both the driver of these difficulties and the way in to their answer: It speeds up business measures, reforms the market and releases imaginative conceivable outcomes.

Engineering and planning offices

Designing and arranging workplaces are basically specialist co-ops that have practical experience in counseling, project arranging, project the executives and undertaking execution administrations in a specialized/designing setting. The business arrangement from TETRAD is…

Main construction trade

Organizations engaged with the turn of events and development industry are implanted in complex arranging and cycle streams and simultaneously need to guarantee the greatest and unwavering quality of conveyance. Computerized devices can give more noteworthy effectiveness altogether…

Ancillary construction trade

TETRAD offers a broad arrangement of completely incorporated industry answers for the development business, particularly for contract assembling and undertaking fabricating, which support all development type business measures in the development…

For a long while, present day business measures have been upheld by a plenitude of computerized devices: From media communications, every day office measures, monetary administration, client relations, stockroom the board and coordinations through to key business choices, there is no region that doesn’t profit from exceptionally particular programming arrangements. It is fundamental that this load of arrangements are ideally adjusted to work in show, making added esteem through the smart arrangement and handling of data. TETRAD gives keen programming answers for carefully support all parts of your business. Our total development programming arrangements depend on best in class innovation from Microsoft. This empowers you to profit from the accompanying benefits:


  • Demonstrated Microsoft Dynamics business usefulness
  • A wide scope of utilizations including consistent Office combination
  • The most recent programming innovation
  • Speculation security and future-sealing
  • Versatility: PC/Mac/tablet/cell phone
  • Present day, easy to use interface
  • Serious level of adaptability and versatility
  • Intended for global necessities
  • Wide assortment of authorizing and arrangement models


Every one of the functionalities depend on the demonstrated business arrangements Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (once AX and Axapta) and Microsoft Dynamics NAV (some time ago Navision) in blend with proficient client relationship the executives (CRM) from Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales/Marketing/Customer Service/Field Service and the Microsoft SharePoint coordinated effort and archive the board framework. The frameworks together structure a completely incorporated, thorough and maintainable computerized environment for your business. With the advanced Business Intelligence instruments Microsoft Power BI and QlikView, you can keep steady over things even in the time of enormous information.

The development business esteem chain with its intricate arranging and cycles offers significant freedom for advancement. Advanced instruments can advance more productivity in every aspect of the business by connecting arranging and execution. They improve the utilization of capital and creation techniques, making room for inventive items and administration ideas while likewise giving a strong base of data for key business choices. TETRAD offers a far reaching arrangement of completely coordinated industry answers for the development business, specifically specially make and undertaking based assembling, which support all development and subcontracting business measures from individual piece creation by means of definite limit and asset arranging through to completely incorporated venture the board, and incorporate these cycles into the business, deals and key business work process. Our creation information securing and time recording arrangement oversees all the significant staff time data, yet in addition times and amounts for your creation orders and machines. Portable information securing permits coordination cycles to be straightforwardly connected with the business rationale of your ERP framework. What’s more, our EDI arrangement device offers you electronic information trade with your clients, providers, transporters and modelers utilizing every standard configuration.

As our day to day existences and everyday business turns out to be progressively digitized, the significant thing isn’t simply to take part in this digitalisation however, most importantly, to assist with molding it. The change occurring influences the manner in which we use programming apparatuses and, specifically, adjusts and grows the view of the whole organization, which is “going computerized”. For TETRAD, the advanced endeavor is at this point not just a dream: We as of now give organized answers for all spaces of your business, including the foundation for present day Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things ideas on the computerized building webpage. You can profit from a durable outline of all pertinent business measures — from the client enquiry and plan, business and specialized task taking care of, get together arranging, execution and article following through to settlement and last costing.

Today, organizations typically have a wide scope of data frameworks, however regularly need coordinated data the board. A key issue is segregation: The different frameworks work independently and without direct reference to the work setting in which they are utilized. In any case, to stay aware of advances in computerized change, a cutting edge working climate should not just give the applicable data to significant choices, yet additionally effectively and straightforwardly support errands and work processes — regardless of whether in the workplace or progressing. TETRAD gives answers for the advanced work environment that help collaboration at your organization and give individual efficiency apparatuses to improve on measure robotization and advance aggregate information on an association wide premise. This transforms the work environment into the center point of your advanced venture, furnishing each individual from staff with ideal help for their separate errands.

The digitalization of business is going all out. In any case, the easygoing acknowledgment of the utilization of present day business arrangements today still regularly goes against the work needed to give them. The cloud is a grounded, straightforward, solid and secure idea that empowers organizations to propel their digitalization without pondering foundation, equipment, servers and information base frameworks. Contingent upon prerequisites, TETRAD‘s computerized arrangement portfolio can be re-appropriated to some extent or completely utilizing Microsoft cloud advancements. This opens up important business assets, saves the expense of executing, adjusting, keeping up with and working your organization IT framework, and allows you to zero in on the advancement of your center business.

TETRAD has numerous long periods of involvement in advanced answers for the development business. Our items depend on clear techniques, point by point information on the business measures in various enterprises and incredible item aptitude. Our specialists will be glad to prompt you about the remarkable conceivable outcomes that will result from the utilization of present day programming innovations. Reach out to us to talk about your prerequisites. We anticipate talking about how your organization can join the computerized period.