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Creative & Innovative Websites

Transform your website from a pamphlet to a performance-driven product

Website Development

The website that you intend to create for your business may be the only platform where your customers can interact with you. Given the day and age where everything is going digital, websites tend to speak for business while reaching millions at once.

At TETRAD, we know how important it is for you to showcase your business to the world because if you don’t, how do you gain profits? Websites being the first key to a flourishing business, we ensure that it is created with a lot of care and by the best creators.

Websites require the effort of both developers and designers, and at TETRAD, we house both. Each of the team members for website development knows how to come up with a website that is unique, accessible, user-friendly and effective.

Website Design

Did you know that 95% of visitors find interest in your website when it is attractive to look at? Even when you do not pay attention to the other pages, the landing page is what makes or breaks the deal.

When you have an attractive design, the right combination of colors, readable fonts as well as content that allows people to find interest in your website, everything goes smoothly. TETRAD is here to rescue you and allow your website to be a place where people like being in.

Whether you own an e-commerce website or you a simple website where you provide services to people, the landing page should consist of attractions as that of offers, highlights of products or services and how it can bring a change in their lives.

At TETRAD, we have a team consisting off the best website designers and graphic designers who come together to create a website that is just what every business needs. Right from putting in the right graphics to making it user-friendly, there is a lot that we help out with.

How we do it

We Listen & Then Interpret
Find New Ideas

We are here to bring your ideas on the table and explore them to bring the best solution for your business. Our experts including SEO and Social Media Experts, Google Ads Experts, etc. will give their valuable opinion to make your project a success.

Results-Oriented Solutions
Diagnosis & Analysis

Our SEO and Search Marketing Experts are always on their toes to analyze the potential of your business and the ideas related to it, giving you the real picture of the services you need. All the analysis and diagnosis help us bring the best results to the table.

From Art to Science
Deployment and Testing

Be it our Website development services, Web design and development services, eCommerce design and development services, etc. we test each of the solutions we deliver properly, ensuring that they would last the test of time and serve you with excellence.

Additional Services

Shared Website Hosting

Want a website? We were hoping you’d say that. TETRAD offers aspiring website owners a great starting place: Shared hosting plans that won’t pinch the purse strings or overwhelm your to-do list. Designed for beginners, our Shared Hosting plans offer a user-friendly interface and flexible options to fit your needs. Whether you’re looking to run an e-shop, business website, or killer blog, our Shared Hosting plans can get your site set up with professional, customizable themes and must-have plugins. In addition to helping you trick out your website with the best tools and tech, we offer you round-the-clock support, regular updates, and valuable resources.

Business Emails

Online market is rising with each day and many companies are looking forward to becoming a part of it by making its presence in the online world. But how to ensure that the customers will remember us the next time they want to buy anything, or how to retain customers? Answer is simple- business emails. Business email means an email address which has suffix of company domain. For example, info@yourdomain.com. Due to its multiple benefits like cost efficiency, business emails were important and even today it is great tool for marketing as well as customer retention. Email is the best form of modern personal communication. Business emails are used for both ends- customers as well as the employees, executives, suppliers, agents, middlemen and every single person who is a part of your company.


If you are looking for serious business growth, search engine optimization, or SEO, is the strategy for you. It targets and retains the website visitors who are most likely to convert.

A personalized search engine optimization strategy targets on-page and off-page SEO, which involves aspects such as keyword analysis and content delivery, to help you reach your most important audience online.